Our everyday life is being monitored!

Google has a lock on you
Google stores your search and uses it to display personalized advertising. So you shop where Google wants and eat at restaurants Google has chosen for you.

Google manipulates your life and makes decisions for you. You’re a human puppet.
Your behavior is being monitored, stored, and then analyzed. So your hit list or search results are manipulated and adapted.

Google follows your every step, but not because it likes you
Google monitors you and knows exactly where you were, where you are now, which movie theatre, bars and restaurants you last visited by the data collected. Your digital fingerprints are all over the internet. And the data is used to make money.

Google steals from you
Did you know Google stores meta data of your images? So it’s easy to determine which camera you’re using. And thanks to the data stored by Google, your address and city aren’t as secret as you thought. This makes it very easy for burglars to get a hand on your goods.

Google determines your future
Just imagine you found the job of your dreams but Google objects. A long forgotten video on YouTube or a picture put an end to your dreams and you didn’t even know about it. Maybe the job of your dreams didn’t work out, but what about the woman of your dreams? Perhaps you’d have a shot if it wasn’t for Google storing your data? Ok, so you’ll have more time to spend on your hobbies. Whether it’s bungee jumping, rock climbing or diving, you love extreme sports. But what does your insurance company think of that? Don’t be surprised if you’re quickly determined to be a high-risk person and your rates go up.

Swisscows not monitored!

But there’s new hope for privacy.

We know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about you!

  • Swisscows doesn’t store IP addresses
  • Swisscows doesn’t store tracking cookies
  • Swisscows doesn’t store user queries

We believe our calling is to protect your privacy.