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Dear friends,

I hope that you already benefit from our data-safe search engine www.swisscows.com. Our goal is to protect you as a user, whether private or commercial.

Many large IT companies want to monitor you and gather all your data – we say this is not right! After the secure search engine, we are now about to develop a secure mail service. Google and other providers read your e-mails and send you a lot of advertising. In our opinion an e-mail is a private matter and must not be read by unauthorized persons.

However, we can only develop the secure mail service with your support, since we do not generate any commercial profit from advertising or the sale of user data. We therefore depend on your support.

We ask you to support us with your donation! For a donation of CHF 50 or more you will profit from the free subscription for one year after the launch of the mail service. As a donor you also have the possibility to secure your desired mail address at least two weeks before the official start.

What will our secure mail guarantee?

  1. Our secure mail is 100% read by no one else but you and your mail will not be passed on to anyone else except you!
  2. No one but you will have access to your mailbox – not even us!
  3. The servers are ALL in Switzerland and therefore far away from NSA and EU!
  4. Your e-mails are being encrypted at the highest security level as they are sent!

This is our approach:

  1. Before we start the project, we need a start-up capital of 833,333 CHF. Once this sum is reached, we will begin to develop and build the IT infrastructure.
  2. The total cost is estimated at 2.5 million CHF.
  3. The collected donations will be published 100% online for you to have an overview.

What are the main features before the launch?

Main goal:

The main goal of our project is to protect you as an individual! Most mail providers read your mails to offer you advertising or even sell your mail address to third parties. We are against that! We say that mail is a private matter and must not be read by unauthorized persons. With our service, we will definitely protect you!

What do contributors receive?

We are grateful to every donor! We offer our donors the possibility to reserve their own mail address before the start and thus before the world learns about it. Also, you are exempt from payment for at least one year and can use the service free of charge. In addition, we will certainly prepare nice presents for you, as our marketing team is very innovative!

What’s next?

As technology developers and makers, we know exactly what to do and have everything under control! In order to ensure the launch, we only start after the collected sum of 833,333 CHF. Then we will need about one year for the development. Of course, it is not just the pure software development, but also the procurement of hardware (super strong servers, storage etc.) Let us start together!


How much money is needed?

For the start we need 833,333 CHF. The entire project will cost over 2.5 million.

When does the development begin?

The software development as well as the purchase of servers and technology starts from a collected amount of 833,333 CHF.

When is the scheduled start of the mail service?

After the collected sum of 833,333 CHF we need about 12 months for development and completion.

How do I find out about the start of the service?

The donors are informed by mail at least two weeks before the start. Also the official start is announced by the press and the website. We recommend you to subscribe to our newsletter, where we will inform you about the development of the project.

How do I profit as a donor?

As a donor you have the possibility to secure a mail address at least two weeks before the official start, and for a donated amount of 50 CHF or more you will receive the service free of charge for one year.